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About Us

Our founder and principal, Michael, started AMK Lawyers in 2013 having previously represented an insurer defending personal injury claims, including running court trials. He gained valuable insight into how insurers defend these claims and, whilst rewarding, Michael discovered that assisting injured people receive compensation for their injuries was more gratifying.
This is why Michael started his own firm and has formed a friendly and dedicated team around him that is down to earth and welcoming, yet willing and fearless to fight on your behalf to obtain the just and fair compensation you deserve. As AMK is an abbreviation of Michael’s family members’ names, he has applied the same attitude to how he views his firm and his clients.

Ten years on, AMK Lawyers currently has a team of 11 staff servicing all of Queensland. We offer professional legal advice which is customised to your personal circumstances and tailored to combat the various challenges that being injured can throw at you. At our firm, we are committed to our clients, and we strive to ensure that we are beside you through every stage of your claim. We will also explain every part of the process to you so there will be no surprises and you will feel secure in the knowledge that our staff are devoted to making sure you receive the best possible outcome.

We believe that in order for you to make the best decisions when it comes to your claim, you need a team that is open, honest, knowledgeable, experienced and fiercely determined – which is what you will receive when being represented by AMK Lawyers.
At AMK Lawyers, if you can’t visit one of our offices, we will visit you at home so we can sit down with you and listen to your story. If you prefer to speak to us over the phone or via video, these options are also available. At AMK Lawyers, we are here to get to know you, support you and advise you so that you understand your legal rights when seeking fair and just compensation as a result of your injury.
With over 100 years of combined experience in personal injury law, you will have peace of mind knowing that through trying times, you are in the right hands with AMK Lawyers.

AMK Lawyers’
Commitment to You

100% No Win No Fee with Lower Fees- so you will never be out of pocket.

At AMK Lawyers we wish to ensure all our clients have access to just and fair representation without the concern of being left with a large bill or any other surprises. No matter your financial situation, every claim we take on is covered by our NO WIN/NO FEE guarantee. Other firms can still recover the cost of outlays if your claim goes pear shaped, whereas at AMK Lawyers we will never charge any costs unless you receive a successful outcome period.
Put simply, unless you receive compensation, we do not charge you a cent.
At AMK Lawyers there are no expensive ‘litigation lending’ arrangements and we pay all the out-of-pocket expenses incurred along the way, without any additional fees normally charged by other firms, such as interest on outlays. At the end of your claim, you will only be invoiced for the actual expense with no hidden fees or charges.
AMK Lawyers do not charge any uplift fees normally adopted by other firms, which will ultimately mean more money in your pocket.
Unlike the large franchise firms, our fee structure is much lower due to the extensive experience of our staff and the streamlines process we use to manage claims. We don’t take expensive detours to get you a result.

Combined 100+ years’ experience.

The staff at AMK Lawyers have extensive experience representing people injured in Queensland, so you know you will be personally represented by someone with a wealth of knowledge in compensation law.
We are passionate about personal injury law and keep informed with case law and developments in the industry, ensuring we stay ahead of the game, so that we can provide the best possible outcome.
Our staff have experience representing insurers, so we know both sides of the fence and the approach and tactics insurers use when defending personal injury claims.
Your claim will be personally handled by our experienced staff not a junior or paralegal like the franchise firms. You can be confident that we will maintain regular contact with you every step of the way, and you will have 24/7 access to the wealth of knowledge offered by AMK Lawyers.
Because at AMK Lawyers, we care for your wellbeing as much as the compensation you deserve.

Focused on Compensation Law - keeping it simple.

Pursuing compensation claims is all we know and by only focusing on this area of law we will not be distracted from the job at hand and together with our wealth of experience, we will ensure to maximise your compensation.
We understand that the law can be complicated, and it is important to us that we simplify the process, and our clients understand the process every step of the way, without the complicated legal jargon.
At AMK Lawyers we have a strong network of experts and professionals with significant experience in the personal injury field, ensuring that we always put the best foot forward when representing our clients and they are afforded the best advice when it comes to making informed decisions about their claim.

Free Case Appraisal

Uncertain if you have claim? Are you confused about the process?
Contact one of our experienced lawyers who will at no obligation discuss your potential claim and provide a road map of the process moving forward.
We will take the time to hear your story and our no-nonsense approach means that we provide you with honest and upfront advice.
We will show you how we are different from the other firms.
You can sit down with us, or we can arrange a home visit, video conference or teleconference. You can talk to us from anywhere if you are not up to visiting our office.
We are a paperless office and can represent you no matter where you are.

Compassionate and Caring with a Rehabilitation Focus

We understand that being injured and struggling to make ends meet is filled with uncertainty. Our lawyers are compassionate, caring and provide a personal touch with direction through troubled waters.
It is paramount to AMK Lawyers that you obtain access to rehabilitation at the earliest opportunity and at no cost to you, as we are committed to getting you back to your normal self. Treatment such as physiotherapy, psychology, radiology, specialists, and occupational rehabilitation is critical to identify, diagnose and treat your injuries to ensure the best possible recovery.

Boutique Firm- small by design big results on purpose

AMK Lawyers have a team of focused and efficient professionals who have been at the firm since its early inception.
We keep our resourceful team small enough to ensure improved communication, trust, passion, and high engagement yet big enough to provide a tailored personalised service through a broad network of industry professionals to maximise our results.